Founded in 2008, the Adelaide University Medical Orchestra is the world’s first single faculty medical student orchestra. 

AUMO brings together over 200 medical students across more than 10 music, art and dance ensembles. It is an opportunity to continue musical endeavours past high school, to build on old skills and learn new ones as part of an organisation passionate about the important role of music in good health and wellbeing. Harnessing the vast talents of medical students from a diverse range of artistic backgrounds, being a part of AUMO is an opportunity to create, innovate and share a very rewarding part of extracurricular life.

AUMO is well known in the university and the wider community for its ground breaking productions. Sell-out performances feature an immense range of different genres with appeal for all audiences. Our artistic style brings a fresh perspective to playing classical masterpieces as well as more contemporary works. Above and beyond the experience of doing justice to the work of the masters, we have a strong culture of encouraging arrangements and original compositions from our own members which are always hugely popular when premiered on stage.

Our Heart

As an organisation of medical students, AUMO prides itself on promoting good health and wellbeing. Our philanthropic branch, The AUMO Foundation, is at the heart of the group. We are a non-profit organisation but the financial contribution to charities every year is only a small part of The AUMO Foundation’s activities. If you would like to find out more about the charities we have previously supported, please visit the Charities page.

That music and dance has the ability to affect our wellbeing is undeniable. Listening to our favourite songs, playing musical instruments and trying out new choreography – all of these activities are capable of lifting our mood and engaging our creativity. The passion and soul we put into all of AUMO’s performances are the product of not just our common love of music and dance, but our love of sharing it with others.

The AUMO Effect is the community outreach branch of AUMO, creating ties with hospitals and spreading our passion for music and artistic expression. It consists of small groups of AUMO members who travel to hospitals and community health centres around Adelaide to sing, dance or play some tunes. There are few rehearsals and no set repertoire; it is a very organic, incredibly rewarding expression of our creativity.


Through all we do, we endeavour to:

  • Allow medical students to maintain their musical interest and involvement
  • Represent the medical body and share our music with the community
  • Satisfy and challenge players and audience
  • Develop a culture that nurtures and supports the artistic aspirations of all members
  • Raise money and awareness for charities or perform to support their events
  • Ensure that supporters and sponsors are welcomed, and recognised for the contributions they make