The Adelaide University Medical Orchestra is the world’s first single faculty Medical Student Orchestra. With a great level of enthusiasm and immense musical talent within the medical school, our own groundbreaking symphonic ensemble was founded in July 2008.

Since then, AUMO, now incorporating over 150 medical students, has expanded our musical program to include a Stage Band, Vocal Ensemble and several Dance Crews. AUMO has provided an opportunity for medical students to express themselves through creative arts, while sharing our music with the wider community and raising awareness and funds for medical charities that contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Our artistic style explores a myriad of repertoire, encompassing both classical masterpieces and contemporary works, along with innovative projects formed through arrangements and compositions by our members.

Through 2008-2010, AUMO has embraced the opportunity to share its music at various medical and charity functions, including the Christmas Crew Project at five different hospitals around South Australia. AUMO is also extending its program to include a yearly teaching project — The AUMO Effect in association with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Our 2009 premier concert AUMOgenesis: the birth of sound quickly becoming a sellout event showcasing the musical talent and creativity of AUMO members. A year later in 2010, AUMO hosted another captivating performance in Adelaide Town Hall filling 900+ seats with The AUMO Experiment. AUMO is looking to continue our success in the upcoming season of 2011, hosting another concert, AUMO in Operation.

With so much to look forward to, stay tuned!

Our Objectives

Through all we do, we endeavour to:
Allow medical students to maintain their musical interest and involvement
Represent the medical body and share our music with the community
Satisfy and challenge players and audience
Develop a culture that nurtures and supports the artistic aspirations of all members
Raise money and awareness for charities or perform to support their events
Ensure that supporters and sponsors are welcomed, and recognized for the contributions they make


«A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.»
Leopold Stokowski

Stillness and silence is dispersed, as the musician carves the intricacy of each note, conjuring an image that is transcribed in the heart and mind of the listener. The depth of meaning and emotional experience is individually interpreted by its creator, the musician, and its audience.
Music is many things to each of us, as an individual or as a collective experience.
Music is the universal language of mankind. Music expresses what words cannot.
Music connects with the soul. Its presence lingers on, even when the music stops.

Music and Medicine

«To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and incon-ceivable»
Aaron Copland

A passion for music is not lost, as we take on further pursuits and commitments in our lives. As medical students, we can identify with the increasing pressures associ¬ated with our current medical culture. We find that our engagement and interest in music creates a fulfilling balance, which essentially enhances our wellbeing.

The great number of doctor-musicians and doctor orchestras worldwide underscore the analogous tendencies between the two. They both share the obsessive perfectionism and dedication to professional excellence, and are expected to cope with multiple demands, focus and perform under pressure. A doctor and jazz musician, Dr Newberger, portrayed it as, «subordinating one’s own personal and professional agenda to the service of the ensemble, and to the best application of science in the care of patients. Both require a measure of humility, and of contemplating long-standing traditions of great artists and practitioners.»

In both music and medicine, we find the culmination of science and art — through the foundations of analysis and technique and the awareness of emotions and delivery of artistic abilities.

Music as Medicine

«Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.»

There is something uplifting about music, which has led to its place in hospitals and in the community. There is growing research to show its contribution to pain relief, stress reduction, childbirth, physical therapy, psychological aspects, rehabilitation and recovery.

Where we can, we will share our music with the community, at hospitals and public events. And through our performances, we will seek to raise awareness and funds to medical charities that contribute to the wellbeing of others.awareness and funds to medical charities that contribute to the wellbeing of others.