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For general enquiries regarding AUMO, or if you would like AUMO to perform at your event, please contact us on 0434 059 264 / 0410 896 202. Alternatively, send us an email —

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of AUMO, please contact our Sponsorship Team. Phone +61 432 233 498 or email

Team Orch 2013 — Executive

Daniele Cataldi
0410 896 202
Elaine Ellinger-Wu
0434 059 264
Marketing, Membership & Media
Mo Li
Tessa Moody
Music Coordinator
Timothy Wareham
Alexandra Thompson
Thomas Khoo
Caitlyn Sun
Michael Lee
Dance Coordinator
Aleisha Mah

AUMO Team 2013 — Committee

  • Orchestra Managers
    Naomi Wattchow
    Nikhil Thyagarajan
    Vocal Ensemble Managers
    Frances Yuen
    Marina Hayashi
    Sponsorship Team
    Maelynn Burridge
    Mihir Bakshi
    Keen Floaters
    Briah Victory
    Chantelle Yam
    Juan Mundisugih
    Aleisha Mah
    Alyssa Fitzpatrick
    Clarissa Darmasetiawan
    Nick Teng
    Paaree Senguttuvan
    Swenny Zhou
    Yang Timothy Du
  • Stage Band Managers
    Tom Schoeman
    Simon Tan
    Dance Crew Managers
    Jennifer Sim
    Xiang Lu
    AUMO Christmas Crew
    Gordon Goh
    Zach Stolz
    Alan Xu
    Michael Hii
    Louise Fraser
  • Chamber Music Coordinators
    Maxwell Reilly
    Philip Nguyen
    Music arrangers/ composers
    Paaree Senguttuvan
    Caitlyn Sun
    Frances Yuen
    Jolie Miller
    Marina Hayashi
    Matthew Chu
    Alan Xu
  • MMM Team
    Claudia Cao
    Thu Nguyen
    Alan Xu
    Logistics Team
    Alexandra Shelley
    Brian Gue
    Gordon Goh
    AUMO Effect Coordinators
    Amanda Lim
    Rebecca Zhao
    Zach Stolz

We welcome any AUMO member to join the AUMO administrative team. If you are interested in joining the organisational and behind the scenes aspect of AUMO please email us on

All photos courtesy of Yi Han Cheng and Daniel Chanisheff.

Joining AUMO

Joining AUMO is easy. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play or what range your voice is, we’ll find a place for you to unleash your creativity! The only big prerequisite is that you’re currently studying the MBBS program at the University of Adelaide. This isn’t because we’re trying to be isolated, intense and moody, but rather as if we let anyone join, we’d be forced to start saying ’no’ to Medical students applying, because our ensembles would be too full!

We’ll soon have an online sign-up form, but in the interim, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The year of MBBS which you are studying (or if you are studying Honours)
  • Your contact phone number
  • Your university email address
  • Indicate which of the following ensembles you are interested in
    • Orchestra
    • Stage Band
    • Vocal Ensemble
    • Dance Crew
  • The instrument(s) you play
    • Your number 1 preferred instrument and your level of experience*
    • Your number 2 preferred instrument (if any) and your level of experience*
    • If applying for vocal ensemble, your approximate vocal range [Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass].
  • If applying for dance crew, your preferred style and experience

*Experience might be indicated by level of AMEB examination successfully completed, previous ensembles that you’ve played with and for how long.
N.B: experience isn’t required! It just helps us to gauge where you’d best fit in our ensembles