AUMO is honoured to have a vibrant community of members and supporters who contribute to our cause with their time, participation and enthusiasm for music. At the same time, we endeavour to raise money and awareness for other medical charities.

Umoona Tjutajku Health Service (UTHS) Projects

UTHS provides comprehensive primary health care to the Aboriginal people of Coober Pedy and
surrounding regions, with a team of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff. The permanent clinical staff
consists of nurses, Aboriginal health workers and counsellors, as well as three general practitioners
who fly in on a regular basis to provide GP consultations. There are also some visiting specialists to
either Coober Pedy Hospital or to UTHS itself, but for many specialist appointments, patients must
travel to Port Augusta or Adelaide.

AUMO’s 2011 annual concert, AUMO in Operation, raised $3500 towards the purchase of a portable ultrasound machine for UTHS. This is a valuable aid in providing antenatal care, as well as aiding in

Further donations to support these projects will be much appreciated.
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Yalata community health projects

All money raised from the 2010 Concert – the AUMO Experiment went to support the Tullawon Health Service in the Yalata community, on the far west coast of South Australia. The funds will be used to build a much needed playground and garden area at the recently built Parenting Centre, which addresses the need for child nutrition, ear health and parenting skills. Musical instruments will also be purchased for the Men’s Health Centre (‘Blue House’), which encourages culture and community and educates them on practical skills and essential health principles.

Further donations to support these projects will be much appreciated.
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Insight global health group

All money raised from the 2009 Concert raffle — AUMOgenesis: the Birth of Sound went to support the Insight Net Attack mosquito net project and Cambodia World Family Aid Project The Insight Net Attack Project supplies specially treated mosquito nets and mosquito coils to Kompiam, Inga Province in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Members can see firsthand the impact that these nets have on the community during Medical placements originally helped set up by Insight.

The Cambodia World Family (CWF) is a non-profit organisation in Cambodia, aiming to provide dental care for orphans and handcapped children, whom otherwise would have little to no access to dental care. Children from these disadvantaged backgrounds have exhibited particularly disadvantaged rates of dental pathology and increased incidences of underlying systemic diseases affecting dental heath, e.g., HIV, Hep B, Hep C.

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